ASTM F1741-18

Published: September 17, 2019 | Last updated: July 5, 2023

What Does ASTM F1741-18 Mean?

ASTM F1741-18 describes the standard practice for the installation of machine spiral wound polyvinyl chloride (PVC) liner pipe for the rehabilitation of existing sewers and conduits 6 to 180 inches in diameter. Rehabilitation of sewer pipes by trenchless methods such as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP), sliplining and pipe bursting are becoming popular.

These methods can be carried out from manholes instead of digging up road surfaces to access damaged pipelines.


Trenchlesspedia Explains ASTM F1741-18

Liner pipes are installed into existing sewers and conduits by inserting a machine-made field-fabricated spiral wound liner pipe. The winding machine either remains stationary in the insertion pit or manhole or travels inside the host pipeline. ASTM F1741-18 addresses safe practice for the installation of liners, though it is not comprehensive. It addresses safety regulations and requirements involving entering into and working in confined spaces.

In the stationery installation, for diameters upto 48" is expanded to fit into the existing pipe and alternately for diameters upto 108", the liner pipe is inserted as a fixed diameter pipe and not expanded. The annular space between the liner and host pipe is grouted.

in the travelling installation method, the liner pipe is installed in contact with the host pipes interior surface to form a close-fit liner and for non-circular pipelines, the liner is installed as a fixed diameter to form a non-close fit liner and the annular space is sealed with grout.


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