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Bertus Vos

Co-Founder and Principal Engineer, BlueFox Engineering

Bertus Vos is one of the co-founders and principal engineers at BlueFox Engineering. He holds a bachelor of engineering degree from the University of…

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Della Anggabrata

Civil Engineer

Della is a Civil Engineer with extensive yet progressing experience in a consulting industry. Her experience primarily focuses on underground…

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Why HDD Pullback Design and Planning Is Key
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Krystal Nanan

Civil Engineer

Krystal is a civil engineer and project manager with an MSc in Construction Engineering and Management. Her experience includes the project…

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Hydrovac Safety: Top 5 Best Procedures to Follow
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Klaus Langenbach

Managing Director, SAERTEX multiCom LP

Klaus joined SAERTEX multiCom LP in 2019, first responsible for the business development in North America and from MAY 2020 as Managing Director.He…

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J. Mark Hutchinson

Mud Engineer Consultant at RightTurn Supply, LLC

J. Mark Hutchinson is a Mud Engineer Consultant at RightTurn Supply, LLC.

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Sky Cato

Director of Operations for Internal Pipeline Solutions

Sky Cato serves as the Director of Operations for Internal Pipeline Solutions and manages much of the day to day operations. He has 14 years of…

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Why In-situ Pipe Coating is Changing the Trenchless Rehabilitation Game


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Jessica Zimmer


Jessica Zimmer is a news reporter based in northern California with over 20 years of experience as a journalist. She has previously written for…

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Annemarie Mannion

Technology Writer

Annemarie Mannion is a former reporter for the Chicago Tribune who covers business and technology for a variety of publications.

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Phil Kendon

Technical Writer @ Trenchlesspedia

Phil Kendon has an undergraduate degree in engineering along with a masters in vocational practice. He has ten years of manufacturing experience in…

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Ditching the Mud: Your Guide to Drilling Mud Disposal
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Ryan Shallenberger

Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Sekisui SPR

Ryan Shallenberger is the Sales & Marketing Coordinator for SEKISUI SPR Americas, LLC. Ryan has been involved with the trenchless pipe…

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Spiral-Wound Pipe Liners: Why You Should Consider These for Your Next Trenchless Rehabilitation Project
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Tabitha Mishra

Civil Engineer, Technical Content Writer

Tabitha has a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from Mumbai University, India, and is currently freelancing as a technical content writer. Prior…

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Pressure: Why It’s the Key to Preventing Inadvertent Returns
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Denise Sullivan

Technical Writer @ Trenchlesspedia

Denise Sullivan is an accomplished freelance writer from Louisiana, with a Associate's Degree in Journalism from Eastern Oklahoma State College.…

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An Overview of Robotic Pipe Repair
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Trenchlesspedia Staff


At Trenchlesspedia, we deliver educational content about trenchless construction and trenchless rehabilitation technologies and methods. Our aim is…

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Environmental Inspection: The New Normal for Trenchless Projects
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Chad Decker

Founding Partner, Devco Development and Engineering

Chad Decker is a founding partner at Devco Development and Engineering, holding both A & B licenses in California. He brings over 15+ years of…

Latest Article

Trenchless Pipe Installation: Minimizing Disruption and Controlling Costs
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