Building Sanitary Drain

Published: June 30, 2018 | Last updated: July 5, 2023

What Does Building Sanitary Drain Mean?

A building sanitary drain is defined as a network of relatively small diameter pipes or conduits that convey wastewater (i.e., water from kitchens, bathrooms, sinks, and other plumbing) from residential homes, commercial establishments and industrial buildings to a collector sanitary sewer.

A building sanitary drain is also referred to as a sanitary sewer lateral, building sewer, sewer tap and house sewer.


Trenchlesspedia Explains Building Sanitary Drain

The building sanitary drain extends from the building line to the public sewer collection system. The section of the sanitary drain between the building line and the property line falls under the responsibility of the homeowner. The homeowner, therefore, must perform all relevant repairs on this section of pipe.

The section of the sanitary drain between the property line and the public sewer collection system is the responsibility of the municipal public works department.

Once the wastewater discharges from the building sanitary drain to the sanitary sewer collection system, it is conveyed to the municipal wastewater plant for treatment and disposal.



Sewer Lateral

Building Sewer

Sewer Tap

House Sewer

Sanitary Sewer Lateral

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