Rubber NBR

Published: July 31, 2018 | Last updated: July 5, 2023

What Does Rubber NBR Mean?

Rubber NBR, also known as nitrile rubber, or nitrile-butadiene rubber, is an oil resistant rubber used in gaskets in trenchless technology.

As a sealing technology, it is used in water, wastewater, and sewer pipes to protect joints from infiltration and exfiltration. It uses a permanent interior sealing system and to seal offset joints.

Its characteristics ensure that it is proof against high temperatures, oil-based products, and products with high acidity.

Trenchlesspedia Explains Rubber NBR

NBR is an elastomer – a polymer with elastic properties – that is been chemically altered to prevent its degradation in the presence of oils, heat, acids and salts. Used in trenchless technology as a seal, it's wide range of applications provides the trenchless technology contractor with a sealing option for both residential and commercial sewer applications.

Rubber NBR seals may be applied to the ends of a pipe stick at the job site or pipe segments may be purchased with the seals in place.

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