Fuzzy Rule

Published: April 30, 2018 | Last updated: July 5, 2023

What Does Fuzzy Rule Mean?

A fuzzy rule is a conditional "if-then" statement thusly stated: "If 'x' equals A. then 'y' equals B." It's the rule which governs the operation of fuzzy logic controllers.

In this statement, 'x' and 'y' are classic mathematical variables; A and B represent values within fuzzy sets and are logical, continuous variables between 0 and 1, as opposed to discrete variables between 1 and 0.


Trenchlesspedia Explains Fuzzy Rule

Fuzzy rules are used in fuzzy logic controllers to specify what actions the machines they control will take. Once a course is set, the fuzzy rules may allow specific deviations in yaw, pitch and an overall course that comply with allowed variations (+/- 1 degree/inch, etc). the fuzzy logic rule may provide information to an operator or make corrections directly.

Fuzzy logic rule sets are found in devices such as trenchless boring machines, ship, and aircraft autopilot units, automatic throttle controls in cars and throttle controls in generators.


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