Thrust Jacking Method

Published: September 22, 2017 | Last updated: July 5, 2023

What Does Thrust Jacking Method Mean?

The thrust jacking method is a means of driving a pipe through the ground without any excavation at the front of the pipe. This method requires the right type of ground structure and soil composition to make it work. It may also be easier to undertake when using smaller diameter pipes. Trenchless technology includes a variety of methods for running pipes through the ground.

Trenchlesspedia Explains Thrust Jacking Method

The thrust jacking method is a way to push pipe through the ground without digging a hole first. When the soil is right, and the pipe material is strong enough, a machine with sufficient power can drive a pipe into the ground uring brute force.

Thrust is an important concept in the field of physics. It has to do with using force to move something in a linear fashion. Trenchless construction operators use this physical force to their advantage. Project planners must take into account the mathematical calculation of force required to get the job done with the materials and machinery at hand.

The thrust jacking method can be distinguished from pipe jacking and other methods because there is no excavation of soil involved. It is only one of the ways workers use to complete a horizontal directional drilling job.

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