Common Ground Alliance

Published: May 20, 2017 | Last updated: July 5, 2023

What Does Common Ground Alliance Mean?

The Common Ground Alliance (CGA) is a U.S. trade organization committed to damage prevention in underground utilities and services. Officially formed in the United States in 2000, the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) represents a continuation of the damage prevention efforts embodied by the Common Ground Study. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation and completed in 1999, this Study represents the collaborative work of 160 industry professionals who identified best practices relating to damage prevention.


Trenchlesspedia Explains Common Ground Alliance

CGA programs include the 811 national telephone system, which refers callers to the appropriate local office for information on existing underground services in specific areas and the “Call Before You Dig” program. This one-call system handles nearly 28 million utility location requests per year, with a goal of avoiding incidents such as accidental digging into gas, sewer or water lines. Additional services include a centralized repository of best practices information and one-stop damage reporting systems and software. CGA consists of 1,700 government and private entities that provide information on underground services, trenching and trenchless construction best practices and safety information.


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